Easier, faster handling of bagged goods

Easier, faster handling of bagged goods

As a suitable supplement to our screening and conveying equipment, we offer fully or semi-automatic bag slitting machines. Optimise your processes and ensure greater cleanliness and safety in all process steps where bagged goods are processed manually.

Sacks are cut open after manual or automated feeding, emptied and automatically disposed of into the empty sack compactor. Both personnel requirements and physical loads are reduced. Dust formation is avoided and the risk of accidents is reduced.

The machine is individually adapted to your situation, i.e. to screening machines, conveyors or mixers and many more.

One worry less

Optionally, filter or cleaning systems can be integrated directly into the machine.



  • Food, chemistry, building materials: suitable for any industrial application
  • Dust-tight emptying of bags minimizes the contamination of your plant
  • Automatic disposal of empty bags by means of an empty bag compactor
  • Less physical strain on the operating personnel
  • Dry or wet cleaning possible – manually or as an integrated, automated solution

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