Strand granulator made to measure

With our Accrapak strand pelletizing systems you are optimally positioned for the highest demands of compounding processes. With an infeed of up to 400mm, this system processes a maximum of 80 strands of a wide range of materials, from soft to abrasive glass- and mineral-filled plastics. Applications range from chemical and pharmaceutical to food and construction industries.

Intelligent construction

This model range is equipped with our Dual-Drive, in which the feed roller and rotor are operated with separate motors. This allows the length of the granules to be adjusted at the touch of a button.
The design is modular, allowing individual components to be dismantled, cleaned and replaced or serviced easily, safely and without tools. This makes it possible to switch products quickly without long preparation periods.

Individually adaptable

In order for you to be able to optimally integrate the system into your processes, it can be easily adapted ex works to your factory requirements or those of other manufacturers. This includes extensive and co-ordinated additional options such as water baths, suction dryers or cylinder mould machines – all from one source.


  • Modular set-up with no need for tools
  • Quick and easy access for cleaning and maintenance to allow minimum downtime
  • Change of pellet length at the push of a button thanks to double-drive operation of the feed shaft and rotor
  • For both abrasive and soft plastic granules
  • Standard and micro pellets equally possible.
  • Individual adaptation to other makes
  • Suitable accessories such as water bath and suction dryers are available on request

Pelletiser throughputs

Throughputs for 3 mm strands and a spec. Weight of 1.05

Function gallery


Quick and easy access to all relevant components. The modular design allows for easy disassembly and trouble-free cleaning.


Feed shaft and rotor are driven separately. The length of the granules can be changed at the touch of a button.


Our granulators feature solid and modular construction.


As a supplement to the Accrapak pelletiser, we offer stainless steel cooling troughs, which can be equipped with features such as level sensors and automatic temperature control.


The low noise and energy-saving AK800 series with high performance suction dries up to 60 strands of compounds or masterbatch before the pelletiser.

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