Gentle, reliable and energy-efficient conveying

Bucket elevators are used wherever conveying has to be particularly gentle and free of segregation and dust. Automated wet and dry cleaning makes cross-contamination during product changes impossible.

Diversity and flexibility

Due to the modular design, a range of conveying paths can be implemented and adapted to the structural conditions. C, Z and E shapes, multiple feed and discharge points are possible for all machine sizes.


  • Maximum product protection – good for sensitive, coarse and packaged materials.
  • Multiple loading and unloading points possible
  • Cleaning in Place: Automated wet and/or dry cleaning
  • Almost unlimited distances and adaptation options for existing installations
  • Very high flow rates and low maintenance
  • Also available as a robust wear-resistant version for abrasive bulk materials
  • low energy costs


  • Dosed task necessary
  • Larger space requirement than e.g. an aeromechanical conveyor

Function gallery



Bucket elevators for food processing completely made of stainless steel and metal detectable plastics.


Bucket elevators with several discharge stations as a reliable connection to the packaging lines.


Thanks to the large number of delivery points, several silos or packaging machines can be pneumatically controlled


The particularly wear-resistant version for heavy, abrasive bulk materials with externally mounted motors and bearings, reinforced steel guide rails and ATEX components.


Automate cleaning with programmed or manually activated cleaning processes. The buckets are cleaned dry by air flushing. Alternatively, cleaning with water or various cleaning agents is also possible. Wet cleaning is finished off by drying the buckets.

Questions and answers

  • Gentle and low-wear conveying of fragile and large products
  • Higher product and material throughput
  • Product change by cleaning easily possible
  • Operating costs are minimal in comparison
  • Conveyance of large, fragile products possible
  • Large and very fragile products can be moved gently and efficiently.
  • Depending on the requirements, any number of loading and unloading stations are possible
  • Product feed must be dosed
  • Larger design
  • Cleaning is manual and possible both dry (blowing out the cups) and wet (water and detergent).
  • The most thorough option is complete automation with our Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) module. Intervals and cleaning programs can be adjusted individually
  • The chains are made of stainless steel and are available in nickel-plated or galvanized versions.
    We do not offer rubber tracks out of conviction and experience. The quality or durability and thus the price/performance ratio are out of the question for us and our customers.
  • Cups are available in ABS plastic or stainless steel

Currently, 80% of bucket elevators are used in the food industry. Other applications include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dairies, ceramics, animal feed and many more.

Yes, the heavy duty variant "ETD line" has, among other things, more wear-resistant idler wheels, steel guide rails and bearings outside the housing. We would be pleased to explain further advantages of the ETD line to you in a personal conversation.

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